How to join

The OCPI community is based on Slack. Everyone is free to join, although only companies that signed the IPR policy can contribute to OCPI functional and technical developments. Currently there are no costs involved to participate.

If you want to join the OCPI community, send an e-mail to and you will receive an activation link.

If you are already a member, you can sign in on Slack here.

CLA/IPR policy
OCPI should be royalty-free for everyone, without any party claiming intellectual property rights. That is the clear vision of the OCPI board and community. To ensure that OCPI will be IPR-free, an IPR policy has been set up that will be distributed through a so-called Contributor License Agreement (CLA). All parties that want to participate in OCPI developments will be asked to sign and agree to this CLA. Without a signed agreement, contributions will not be accepted. You can download the CLA here.

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