The current official release of OCPI is version 2.2 – RC2. This OCPI release contains all basic functionalities like tariff, CDR and token exchange, session information and remote tools with following additions and improvements:

  • Support for Hubs
    o Message routing headers;
    o Hub Client Info
  • Charging Profiles for Smart Charging;
  • Improvements:
    o CDRs: Credit CDRs, VAT, Session_id, CdrLocation, CdrToken;
    o CDRs: Tariff types, Min/Max price, reservation tariff, Much more examples
    o Sessions: VAT, CdrToken;
    o Locations: Multiple Tariffs, Lots of small improvements
    o Tokens: Group_id, energy contract
    o Commands: Cancel Reservation added

Added in RC2:

  • Signed meter values in CDRs for Eichrecht / Calibration law support
  • Charge profiles for smart charging
  • Connection to hubs en support for multiple roles and aggregators
  • Several improvements on other OCPI services

Download the complete specs here.

All comments and feedback are welcome on Slack.

The goal is to release OCPI version 3.0 – RC1 by the end of 2019. This version should contain several new services which are discussed and agreed with the OCPI community (who signed the IPR policy).

Contact us if you want to join the OCPI community and participate in discussing functionalities and improvements.

CLA/IPR policy
OCPI should be royalty-free for everyone, without any party claiming intellectual property rights. That is the clear vision of the OCPI board and community. To ensure that OCPI will be IPR-free, an IPR policy has been set up that will be distributed through a so-called Contributor License Agreement (CLA). All parties that want to participate in OCPI developments will be asked to sign and agree to this CLA.

Download the CLA here.