About us

The Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Charging Infrastructure (NKL) is currently leading OCPI development at the request of market players. NKL is also working on the setup of an independent OCPI management organisation in co-ordination with the interim OCPI Management Board. Currently, NKL holds the intellectual property of OCPI: this will be transfered in 2019 to the management organisation when setup has been finalized.

OCPI Management Board

In july 2018, an interim OCPI Management Board was installed. The board members will collaborate to create a formal management organization and guidelines to ensure the professional development of the OCPI (Open Charge Point Interface) protocol. The board consists of representatives from Allego, E.ON, EVBox, Freshmile, GIREVE, Plugsurfing, and the Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Charging Infrastructure (NKL).

After this initial phase, a new board will be elected in 2019. The OCPI Management Board will support and promote the OCPI protocol as the preferred roaming protocol for both peer-to-peer as well as peer-to-platform communications.

OCPI Community

There is a huge OCPI community that contributes to the new OCPI developments and versions, but also helps with installations, all kind of questions from other OCPI users, OCPI based roaming agreements, etc. The community is based on Slack. Everyone is free to join.


The Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Charging Infrastructure (NKL) is a collaboration of organizations that are involved with the public charging of electric vehicles in the Netherlands. NKL is an independent not-for-profit organisation, set up by EV market players, Dutch central and local government, universities and grid operators with the goal to lower the total cost for charging infrastructure and promote measures for development of a mature market for EV. More information about NKL can be found at: www.nklnederland.com